cassie taylor 


The Last Snow (2024), Oil on Canvas, 20x24”
Milagros (2024), colored pencil on paper, 8x8”
Lake of Love (2024), cyanotype on fabric and oil on canvas, 18x20”
Fun Day (2024), oil on wood panel, 10x10”



Untitled (2023), graphite and colord pencil on handmade, pulp-painted abaca paper made at Dieu Donné in Brooklyn, 9x12”
Another Step (Ode to Luchita Hurtado) (2023), cyanotype on handmade abaca paper, linoleum print, colored pencil, gouache, on carton, 8x10”
Alberto en Viaje (a la Iglesia) (2023), oil paint on plexiglass and cyanotype on paper, 12x16”
Cassidy & Delphinium in Afternoon Light (2023), oil on wood panel, 8x10”
Rise & Fall (2023), oil on linen, 12x13”
Sisters (2023), oil on canvas, 11.25x11.5”
Play With the Friends Who Raised You (2023), graphite and colored pencil on handmade abaca paper, 13x16”
Night Scene (2023), gouache, spray paint, oil paint, oil stick on canvas, 14x16”
Study of the Ground (2023), spray paint and oil on panel, 6x6”
Signs of Passing Time (2023), oil on canvas, 21x36”
Looking Left (2023), spray paint, colored pencil, oil stick on vellum, 9x12”
With Diego and the Sun (2023), oil on canvas, 14x16”



The Perfect Kiss (2022), oil on wood panel, 6x8”
Dream (2022), oil on canvas over plywood, 9x10”
Angels (2022), spray paint and oil on canvas, 20x20”
Drifting Off, Let Me Go (2022), linoleum print, spray paint, gouache, oil stick, oil paint on wood panel, 12x12”
Untitled (2022), gouache, paint pen on vellum, linoleum print on paper, all on panel, 8x8”
Daydreaming (2022), oil on canvas, 10x11.5”
Breathe (2022), acrylic marbled paper, colored pencil, watercolor pencil, gouache, vellum on plywood, 22x23”



Divide & Conquer (2021) vellum, gouache, graphite, handmade and pulp-painted abaca paper, found wooden frame, 10.5x10.5”
Leading Lines (2021), gouache on carton, 8x10”
See Through (2021), handmade abaca paper, gouache, vellum, watercolor pencil, acrylic marble on wood panel, 10x10”
Happy (2021), gouache on carton, 6x8”
On My Way! (2021), gouache, vellum, graphite, paper, on wood panel, 12x12”
Summer (2021), acrylic marble, colored pencil, suminagashi on handmade abaca paper, gouache on vellum, all on wood panel, 10x10” 
Nap (2021), handmade and pulp-painted abaca paper made at Dieu Donné in Brooklyn, gouache on vellum, blue vellum on paper, 11x14”
Girls (2021), graphite on vellum, gel pen, gouache on panel, 8x8”



Rinse (2020), colored pencil on paper, graphite on vellum, resin on wood panel, 10x10”
Hanging On (2020), gouache, ink, graphite on paper, on wood panel, 10x10”


I’m a painter and mixed media artist based in Brooklyn, NY. My work is a collection of moments and memories decontextualized and reconstructed to highlight the surreal and stunning aspects of ordinary life.

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